Vienna: Wiener Volksoper Theater

The Wiener Volksoper is one of Vienna’s most important and active theaters. During its open season from June to September, 300 plays of 25 different operas take place- that’s almost one per day! It disposes of more that 1600 places that many times are completely used.

Nowadays the Volksoper does not only show opera, but also musicals, operetta and plays. It was not as such in the past: when it opened as the Kaiser-Jubiläums-Stadttheater in 1898, it produced exclusively plays. This did not last for long, as in 5 years it went bankrupt due to dept.

Up until the 50s the Volksoper opened to opera and operetta, turning in a music theater. After the war it took the place of the Staatsoper, Vienna’s most famous opera house.


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