Vienna: Hofburg Palace

Hofburg’s Palace area has housed governments since 1279. During the course of time, what once was a small complex has increasingly got larger; among the architects that contributed to this majestic expansion we count Filiberto Luchese and Lodovico Burnacini.

The palace has been home to some of Europe’s most important dynasties, most notably the House of Hasburg, that had chosen it as its winter residence. Nowadays, it serves as the residence to the President of Austria, and its primary function is to receive head of states from other countries for formal encounters.

Since 1958 a large part of the Hofburg Palace can be visited, having being opened for exhibitions convention and concerts. Its halls are a scenery for the Wiener Hofburg Orcheste from May to December: the program is always made of operas and pieces by Austrian musicians.


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