Vienna: Globenmuseum, the Museum of Globes

These’s a museum in Vienna that is the only one of its kind all around the world: it’s the Globenmuseum, the museum of globes. This trange place is located in the Mollard Palace and is part of the same building that hosts the Austrian National Library.

The Globenmuseum was opened in 1956, and is entirely dedicated to models of the world and other celestial bodies made in different time periods. The National Gallery already held an important collection of 3D globes; many of these were presents given to the many generations of the royal family from scholars. One of the most famous peices in the Globenmuseum was created by Vincenzo Cornelli for Leopold I, and it includes a small miniature of the monarch.

In recent times, the collection has grown exponentially. Nowadays it includes over 600 objects, among which around 200 are constantly exhibited. The majority is from before 1850, and the oldest ones are from the 16th century.


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