Venice, Festa del Redentore 2013

Festa del Redentore is the most important Venice event.

The feast celebrates the Church of Redentore construction, which was projected by Palladio on Isola della Giudecca, in 1577. The church was built to celebrate the end of the terrible plague of 1576, which killed more than 50.000 people. Each year, a temporary bridge of barges from the Zattere to Giudecca is set up, to let people visit the Redentore church. The ceremony is inaugurated by Patriarch of Venice, who, with his blessing, opens the festivities. During Festa del Redentore, the city organizes a regatta and a magic fireworks show.

This year Festa del Redentore takes place on 20th July 2013: in the morning, the temporary bridge of barges will be set up; at the evening, the fireworks will begin in Bacino di San Marco (St Mark’s basin). On 21th July, the Redentore regatta will take place in Giudecca channel.



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