Valentine’s Day: top romantic destinations in Italy

Valentine’s Day is around the corner! Do you have any ideas to celebrate the lovers’ day? What about visiting Italy? We would like to give you useful advice to spend a wonderful Valentine’s Day in Italy!

To celebrate this day, Italian boys give flowers or chocolates to their girlfriends and plan romantic dinners and present, with chocolates. Traditionally, four Italian towns are considered among the most romantic places in the world: Florence, Venice, Verona and Rome.

Florence is a perfect city to spend the most romantic day. Its small historic district is full of beautiful ancient palaces and romantic squares. Ponte Vecchio and the streets along the river  represent a unique setting for a couple celebrating each other. Ponte Vecchio, particularly at night, is considered the most romantic spot in the city center.

If you choose Venice for your romantic trip, you can visit St. Mark’s Square, the most popular attraction in the city, where, in the night, you can grab your sweetie for an impromptu dance under the moon.

The Ponte dei Sospiri, or “Bridge of Sighs”, is the most beautiful bridge in Venice: the name has stuck as a byword for the sweeping reaction the city induces in even the hardest of hearts. In Venice you can visit also the Doge’s palace.

Verona is the city of Romeo and Juliet. During the celebrations of Valentine’s Day, in the center of Piazza dei Signori a giant red heart is painted on the street and illuminated heart-shaped lanterns are featured throughout the city center.

Finally, during your romantic trip, you can visit Rome, the eternal city. You can walk along the Roman fora and admire the moon over the Colosseum.

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