Typical food of Istanbul

Turkish cuisine is one of the best in the world; if you are planning to visit Istanbul, you should try the many local specialties! The city offers a huge range of restaurants, from the most prestigious to the typical family-run taverns, to the famous street food.

In lokanta, restaurants which usually offer a typical menu at small prices, you can taste the mezes. They are appetizers, including cheese, pita bread, vegetables and much more, served on a large platter. The Turkish cuisine is famous also for lamb and mutton dishes, such as kiifte, meatballs served with spicy sauce, kokorec (grilled mutton tripe), and the Karniyarik, eggplants filled with lamb, pine nuts and fruit.

Do not forget to taste the famous Turkish kebab! Here, you will find many varieties, from Döner Ekmek (sandwich with meat and vegetables), to Iskender (döner kebab served on a plate), to the Dürüm, served in a flatbread.



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