Top 5 world’s most unusual concierge services

A lot of hotels, are now recruiting people skilled to meet the most whimsical request of rich customers. The Daily Mail Online, discovered all the weirdest concierge services offered to guests staying at the hotel.


1. Tequila expert – In Mexico, the hotel Rosewood Mayakoba, located in Playa del Carmen, had the brilliant idea to employ a tequila expert. Thanks to him, in fact, guests can taste more than 100 varieties of tequila.

2. Horror Tours – In Colorado, the Stanley Hotel, has inspired the horror atmospheres of the movie “Shining”. So, the hotel, decided to confirm its reputation employing a concierge specialized in paranormal activities, who organizes horror tours, in search of ghosts.

3. Course to be Tarzan – The Primland Resort, located in Virginia, offers courses to learn climbing on the trees.

4. Personal Styles – In the GuestHouse Suite a Dream Downtown, in New York, you can find a concierge that helps you to renovate your look. The price? “Only” 4 thousand of dollars, per night!

5. At The Benjamin Hotel, in New York, there is a service dedicated to people who suffer for insomnia. Here, you can find 13 different kinds of pillows, lavender spray, relaxing massages and even a genuine cup of milk with cookies.

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