Things to do in Barcelona at 20 – 30 – 40 years of age

There is a Barcelona for all types of travelers. Barcelona is the city all fall in love with, though in different ways. And there are different things to do in the city according to different age groups: 20 – 30 – 40 years old.




The Barceloneta is…

when you are 20, the beach where you sunbathe.

when you are 30, the place to drink vermut and eat tapas.

when you are 40, it is the ideal place to eat paella with  your family.

barcelona shopping night 3



An evening in Barcelona…


when you are 20, you  spend a night at the Razzmatazz, a very popular club.

when you are 30 you’ll prefer to drink something at the Heliogábal, while, if you’re more than 40, you will go crazy for the more intimate and refined experience that you can live at Luz de Gas.



What to eat:


when you are 20 you can find anywhere, in the city, tapas with liters of “cerveza”

when you are 30a brunch at La Pubilla in the Barrio de Gracia

when you are 40: Mut’s “menu à la carte”, one of the most charming secret bars in the world.






when you are 20: public transport

when you are 30: bicycle

when you are 40: car



Districts of Barcelona:


when you are 20: Raval

when you are 30: Barrio Gotico

when you are 40: Borne

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