Stephansplatz, Vienna

A mix of different atmospheres are merged together in this wonderful square St Stephansplatz where definitely is possible briefing riches experiences during the year!

Every year approximately 3 million people when travelling to Vienna don’t avoid the great walking in Stephansplatz, the central square of the city and a key point linking the avenues surrounded the center of Vienna.

It’s an important starter in the heart of the city to reach, few minutes walking, many significant areas and museum such as the Museum of Natural History (Naturhistorisches Museum) and the Museum of Art History (Kunsthistorisches Museum).

In the square is located the Stephansplatz tube station that every day makes astonished hundreds of people when coming out from the U-bahn for the first time in Vienna, an amazing view in front of their eyes!

The huge pedestrian area where is located the square is along the connection of the famous “Goldenes U”, a treasure of history, architecture and modernity, it’s simply to be fascinated by the historic buildings, monuments, luxury brands and why not cuddled by the illustrious Caffè.

After a great stop in Stephansplatz, if you love chocolate it’s a must having a break, not far away from the square, at Caffè Sacher where it’s possible tasting the original Sacher and having a cup of caffè, always an institution for the inhabitants of Vienna.

The “panoramic” walking culminates with a stop at St.Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom), one of the top attraction in Vienna and one of the tallest cathedrals in the world from which the square is called. An imposing Gothic style building, located in the center of Stephansplatz, it owns one of the biggest  organs in Europe and from the towers you can enjoy an amazing view of Vienna.

During all seasons of the year Stephansplatz doesn’t lose its charm and especially in December there is a special atmosphere with the wonderfully decorated Christmas lights and traditional markets that adorn the adjacent historic boulevards, creating a warm and magical atmosphere.

The uniqueness of Stephansplatz mixes harmoniously history and modernity, you can enjoy all this booking your hotel in Vienna on Best Bookings.

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