Rome: the San Pietro in Vincoli Basilica


The San Pietro in Vincoli (Saint Peter in Chains) Basilica is one of the most ancient in all of Rome. It was built in 442 in the vicinity of the Baths of Titus on a cult place previously known as titulus apostolorum. Its founder was roman empress Licina Eudossia, from which it takes its second name of Eudossian Basilica.

San Pietro in Vincoli is famous for being the resting place of Pope Julius II, also known as the “Warrior Pope” and the “Terrible Pope“. At the moment of his departure the great mausoleum was not yet complete, and was moved within it only a hundred years later. The most important piece of art within the Basilica is inside the tomb: it’s Michelangelo’s Moses.

Among the other relics the most notable is Saint Peter’s Chain’s, said to have bound the saint during his imprisonment in Mamertino.

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