Rome: the Great Arch of Tito

The Arch of Tito is one of the few ancient Roman arches surviving in the city. It is located at the feet of the Palatine, one of Rome’s seven hills found between the Velabro and the Roman Forum. The surrounding area is a huge open air museum, and is one of the most visited places right next to the Colosseum. It’s a masterpiece of Roman art in the flavian era, and it amazes with the detail of its sculpture.

The arch of Tito was erected for emperor Titus by the senate in honor of the war that he fought in Galilee, at the end of which he entered the city triumphant. Built after the death of Titus, this monument has an amazing history. During medieval times it was incorporated in the wall of a fortress belonging to the Frangipane family, and then absorbed in the structure of the Santa Francesca Romana convent. It was brought completely back to light only at the start of the 20th century when the road around it was restructured.


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