Rome: Saint Paul and Peter's Feast

Saint Peter was one of the twelve apostles, and is considered as the founder of the catholic church and its first pope. He was one of the most important figures in the church together with Saint Paul: both of them are celebrated in Rome as the city’s patron saints.

Every 29th of June the capital of Italy celebrated the Feast of Saint Paul and Saint Peter. All shops close for a day, and the city fills with traditions and ceremonies. Among these we count rituals made by the pope, who gives his bishops a pallio (some kind of long white scarf) to symbolize the union between the local and universal churches. In the evening there is a procession with Saint Paul’s chain.

The celebrations are not only in Rome. In Galatina there is the ritual of the Tarantolati, where people dance in a way that remember the movement of people that were bitten by tarantulas and went to Saint Paul’s church to be cured.

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