Rome: Arch of Constantine

The Arch of Constantine is a massive monument located between Palatine Hill and the Colosseum. Its construction was ordered by the Roman Senate to celebrate Constantine’s victory against Maxentius in the battle of Ponte Milvio; it was inaugurated on the 25th July of 315.

Nowadays the arch can be considered an emblem of typical Roman architecture, and is seen by many as a museum: it carries all the characteristic signs of various time period typical architecture for monuments. For its construction older materials were used for some parts, and these stand out quite a bit when compared to the newer ones.

The Arch of Constantine is one of the three ancient triumph arches that survive in modern day Rome. Among the other two we find Tito’s Arch, that shares the same destiny of its brother: they were both strongly ignored by historians, and the information that we have today about them come for the most part from the long inscription on its side.


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