Rimini, Molo Street Parade

On 29th June 2013 Molo Street Parade, one of the most funny summer events of Rimini, will take place.

It is a great food and music event, which will take place on Rimini city center and on seaside. It involves more than 100 fishermen and 30 clubs. The fishermen will provide the famous sardoncini, a tasty and light fish typical of Romagna. Long tables will be placed along the port, where visitors can taste this typical Italian dish. During the Molo Street Parade, big name of music will perform: the main guest will be Boy George; then, Taboo, leader of Black Eyed Peas, Frankie Hi-Nrg Mc, a famous Italian rapper, Giuseppe and Fabiola, dj’s of Radio 105.

There will be also console on the seaside, where famous djs, such as Marc Vedo, will perform; visitor can dance at electro, house and dubstep music. If you are planning to visit Rimini for your summer holiday, don’t miss Molo Street Parade!



Book your hotel and enjoy Molo Street Parade 2013 in Rimini!

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