Rimini, Fellinianno 2013

Fellinianno 2013 is an important event that takes place in Rimini from March to May 2013, inspired by the great Italian film director Federico Fellini.

The focus is not only on cinema, but also on poetry. The first conference is dedicated to the poet Tonino Guerra, a great friend of Fellini; in this occasion, there will be the screening of the documentaries “Il lungo viaggio”, written by Guerra, and “Diario segreto di Amarcord”, realized by Maurizio Mein and Liliana Betti. There will be a special evening dedicated to poetry and beauty, themes that we find in Fellini’s works.

During this evening, visitors can assist at the screening of “The Clowns”, commissioned by RAI film, which follows the path of Fellini between Italy and France in search of circus actors. The film will be introduced by the famous Giuseppe Ricci, one of the most important experts of Fellini’s works. Marco Bertozzi will introduce the conference “Block-notes di un regista”, which will focus on a film that Fellini wrote but never realized.



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