Rimini, exhibition “Il Colore del Suono”

The exhibition “Il Colore del Suono” (“The Color of Sound”) takes place in Rimini until March. It tells the story of music through the covers of the old 16, 45, 33 and 78 records.

It was projected and realized by Giorgio Vivaldi and Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni, and includes material from Vivaldi collection, as well as the Bucciano, Garattoni, Pecci and Piscaglia collections. It is held in the Museum of the City, in the heart of Rimini, near the famous Surgeon’s Domus. It was organized an artistic-musical path from the rare 30s’ covers to those of nowadays, in order to show the various musical styles, and the cultural and social differences.

This event will surely charm both music lovers and collectors, who will be enchanted by the unique combination of sound and image, of history and contemporaneity. On display, also historical pieces, as the original cover of Nino Rota’s soundtracks, composed for Fellini’s works, that is quite impossible to find.



Book your hotel and enjoy the beautiful exhibition “Il Colore del Suono” in Rimini!

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