Paris: the Great Mosque

The Great Mosque of Paris (Grande Mosquée de Paris) is found in the 5th arrondissement of the city, right besides the Latin Quarter. It’s one of France’s largest mosques with a 33m high minaret, other than being one of the country’s most beautiful.

Its story is very interesting: it was founded to thank for the 100,000 Muslim soldiers that lost their lives fighting against the Germans during WWI. It was inaugurated on July 25th by the President Gaston Doumergue, that participated to the first prayer held within it. They say that during the Nazi occupation the mosque became a hiding place for Jews, which were given fake Muslim certificates and protection.

Nowadays, the Great Mosque of Paris is open to the public; we suggest visiting it for the beauty of its coloured mosaics in the inner courtyard. After the doing so, you must take a break in the adjacent bar, which offers an inviting assortment of exotic pastries.


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