Moscow, Donskoy Monastery

One of the most beautiful attractions of Moscow is Donskoy Monastery.

It is one of the most important monasteries of the city, and was built to celebrate the city’s deliverance from the danger of Khan Kazy-Girey invasion in 1591. The monastery was built for military use, since it was located on the road to Crimea; it was used as control and defense tower, and supported the adjacent Boris Godunov fortress. After being connected to Andrejevskij monastery, it regained its independence in 1678 and, since XVIII century became the burial place of the Bagration royal family.

Like many other Russian churches, Donskoy monastery was closed during the October Revolution, and was used as penal colony for children for many years. In 1934, the monastery finally was affiliated to Museum of the Soviet Architecture Academy. From the architectural point of view, Donskoy Monastery is a wonderful example of Moscow Baroque style: the particularity of the building are its intense red and white colors, which allow the monastery to stand out and catch visitors’ attention.



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