Moscow Botanical Garden

The Tsytsin-Nikolai Moscow Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful destinations of Moscow.

If you love nature, or you simply want to spend a day in the open air, Botanical Garden is your ideal destination. The Botanical Garden is part of Russian Academy of Sciences, and was inaugurated in 1945; its name recalls the first director of the complex, Nikolai Vasiljevitch Tsitsin. The park was projected according to the style of Russian aristocracy’s villas of XVIII and XIX century; this is the reason why the Garden presents its elegant and tidy look. The villa of the aristocratic family Sheremetyev is part of the complex, and is a beautiful example of neoclassical architecture.

Botanical Garden covers a territory of approximately 3.6 km; here, visitors can admire a many plants from all over the world, especially in the orangeries and in the arboretums. The Pharmacists’ Garden (Aptekarskij Ogorod) is one of the most important parts of Botanical Garden; it was inaugurated during XVIII century and presents a great exhibition of ornamental and aquatic plants.



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