Moscow: Borscht, a typical Russian food

Borscht is know with many different names according to the region in which we find ourselves: borsch, bortsch, borstch, borsh, borshch… Its origin lies in Ukraine, and it spread all through Eastern Europe, expecially in slavic countries. This food reached through Russia in all of its variants becoming part of the national cuisine.

As we mentioned beforehand, there are many variants of the Borscht. Some make use of beans, onions and cabbage: it’s a farmer’s food, and its ingredients depend on the available harvest and products. What never changes are the beetroot and the sour cream. The first give the Borscht its characteristic red blood colour, and they can be added in chunks or grounded. Adding the sour cream makes it contrast suavely with the beetroot taste.

Borscht can be served both hot and cold: the second version’s preparation is slightly different, and makes for a perfect summer food.


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