Milan, Procession of the Magi

One of the most important traditions of Milan during Christmas holidays is the Procession of the Magi, which will take place on February 6th.

A huge number of people take part in a procession that starts from the central Duomo, to reach the Basilica of Sant’Eustorgio. The destination was chosen in honor of Sant’Eustorgio that, according to tradition, brought to Milan the relics of Magi, stolen in the Holy Land. They were subsequently preserved in the Basilica itself.

The parade will be animated by dancer, singers, and circus; in this way, this event will be surely unforgettable!
The procession will start at 11.45, and will cross via Torino, the Colonne di San Lorenzo, Porta Ticinese and finally Sant’Eustorgio. At 12.15 there will be a stop at the Basilica of San Lorenzo, where the Magi will meet Re Erode.

The arrival in the Basilica is scheduled for 12:30; here, the Magi will greet the born of Jesus with the traditional offering of gold, incense and mirrae.



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