Marrakesh: the Almoravid Koubba

  The Almoravid Koubba is a small building erected during the Almoravid rule during the 11th century, and it stands as one of the few remaining constructions of this dynasty. It’s right next to the Museum of Marrakech, just a few metres away from the Ben Youssef Mosque.

By looking at it, this small building can be unnoticed, but within it there are hundreds of years of history and enemy conquests. It was built in 1117, and it underwent some renovations in the 16th century; it was recently re-discovered in the 20th century, after being buried by another building. Its function was that of purification before praying in the mosque, and it has a complicated hydraulic system that included bathrooms, faucets and showers.

The interior is decorated with flower incisions in the marble with the inscriptions: “I was created for science and prayer, by the prince of the believers, descendant of the prophet, Abdallah, most glorious of all Caliphs. Pray for him when you enter the door, so that you may fulfill your highest hopes“.


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