Marienplatz, Munich

Munich’s heart beats in the elegant and majestic square of Marienplatz.

Marienplatz (Piazza di Santa Maria) is considered on the top ten among the ten most amazing squares in Europe, and its name is due to the Vergine Maria invoked in 1800 to protect the citizens by the cholera epidemic.

For the Bavarian citizens and people, Marienplatz is a suggestive key point where you can enjoy a brilliant view of the beauty and huge buildings that surround it!

Every year in December deserves its historical role of market represented by the cute Christkindlmark, the Christmas market of Jesus child. An attraction for millions tourists, is the most famous Christmas Market in Munich,  and every year is leading in Marienplatz its colorful wooden little Christmas houses full of Bavarian specialties and crafts creating a magic atmosphere with also the huge Christmas tree, 30 meters high and illuminated by 2500 lights.

The square never loses its shine not only during the day but also during the nightfall and a very significant element in the square is the wonderful Glockenspiel, one of the biggest and famous mechanical watch with carillon, comprising of 43 bells and 32 statues, it is an historic symbol of Munich.

It is laid out on the top of the tower of the Gothic Neue Rathaus (New Town Hall) and every day hundreds of visitors stop there to admire the “dances” of the statue at 11 and 12 with the background of pleasant melodies.

In Marienplatz are located important buildings and statues of historical value that deserve a particular look, it’s recommended to admire: the Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall), the Neus Rathaus (New Town Hall), the Church of St. Peter, the oldest church in Munich, and the Fischbrunnen statue ( Fish Fountain) rebuilt in 1954 after the bombings of the second world war by Josef Henselmann.

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