Madrid: los Churros, a Spanish Delicacy

Los Churros are one of Spain’s most popular dishes. They are a kind of very simple but sweet doughnut that can be eaten both as a breakfast and as a snack.

Churros are large pieces of fried paste. They can be found in two variants: the first is the normal variety and is straight, while the second is called porras and is a circle. Traditionally, they can both be eaten together with a nice cup of hot chocolate; asking a Spanish person if they like churros y chocolate is like asking an Englishman if they enjoy their bacon and eggs in the morning!

It seems as if these sweets covered in cinnamon and powdered sugar have been brought in by the Portuguese, but their origins are unclear up to this day. This does not change the fact that they are a delicacy that cannot be missed by whoever visits Spain!

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