London, the capital town of Europe, a magic place for your trips

Situated in the Southeastern part of England, London turns out to be one of the most wanted holiday’s destinations of the European and world-wide panorama. Capital of the commerce and administrative and economic center of primary importance in all Great Britain, London rises on the sides of the River Thames. History tells us that it was founded by the Romans, who gave it initially the name of Londinium, and it dates back to the 43 a.C.. 
Thank to its great expansion and its power, it soon became one of the most important colonial empires of the history of the humanity, and still worthy of importance. London used to be the greater port and center of commercial exchanges with the rest of the current European Union, as it could count on a very favorable strategic position.
For its geographic arrangement London, as you know, is characterized by frequent periods of rain that, however, do not carve the beauty and charm of this European city. In fact it attracts an always increasing number of tourists, who are caught by the numerous Arts museums and many other wonderful architectonic monuments.


Among the museums we can name you can find the Tate Gallery and the Tate Britain, important sites of international and British art but also the Museum of Natural History and British Museum. Particularly appreciated from the tourists and distinctive of London is the fact that all the museums are completely free! Monuments that make this city unique are Buckingham Palace for sure, Piccadilly Circus and why not, an outstanding ride on a typical double-decker bus!

Finding a hotel that can satisfy your needs can not be simple, especially if you end up in one of the most expensive city of the world. Trust our web search engine that will select for you hotels that match your criteria, grouping them based on various parameters, e.g. the distance from different monuments of your choice!
Choosing a hotel in London has never been so easy!


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