Marrakech: Koutoubia Mosque

Koutoubia, also known as the Bookseller Mosque, is the biggest and most important mosque in Marrakech. It’s located in the southwest medina quarter near Fna El Jemaa, a market that has been active since the establishment of the city. In the past, more than a hundred book sellers would gather around the mosque to show their merchandise, thus making the latter earn the nickname that it stills bears up to this day.

The building is in sandstone and bricks, and it was constructed after Marrakech’s Almohad conquest to take the place of a palace that belonged to the enemies that had just been chased away from the city. The architecture has been studied so that it’s impossible to look into the king’s harem even from the tall minaret. Up to this date, even Google Earth has censored the images that show it to the Maroccan.

And the minaret is also the most important and visible part of the mosque; visible from nearly every angle of Marrakech (as the city has prohibited high buildings), this tower is 77 metres tall and is adorned with decorative incisions in the window arches. The top is covered in spirals and copper balls.


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