Japanese spring in Rome: sold out for the new garden

From March 12th to May 30th, there will be a little Oriental space in Rome: the Japanese Institute of Culture in Rome opened a garden where you can meet Japanese culture.

In the garden, there are all elements of Japanese tradition: the small lake, the waterfall, the rocks, the small island, the bridge and the stone lamp.

There are also many plants originating from that country: cherry tree, wisteria,  iris and dwarf pines.

The garden was built 50 years ago by the architect Ken Najima.

Both Roman citizens and tourists are excited by this new opening:

The switchboard is clogged, hundreds of requests continue to arrive, for a success also due to word of mouth on the web. All tours for the opening of the spring Japanese garden are sold-out!

In the garden, 9 visits per week are scheduled from March 12th to May 30th, for groups of 30-40 people per day. The entry is free, but reservations are already sold out.

The Director Matsunaga said: “I want to thank all Italians and Romans for their interest. The only difference between this and a real Japanese garden is the presence of an olive: symbol of the friendship that binds Italy and Japan”

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