Istanbul, the Museum of Calligraphy

The term does not indicate calligraphy writing itself, but the writing gives a sense of beauty. Calligraphy, in fact, derives from the greek κάλος beauty and γραφία handwriting, that is-beautiful handwriting. If the art of writing by hand appeals to you, know that one of the most interesting museums in Istanbul and full of history it is the Museum of Calligraphy, within which are beautiful works of art of calligraphy by the signatures of more important sultans, the ornamental writings, books and copies of the Koran. In Turkey, the writing is not simply a means to write, but a noble art that is part of Islamic Art of writing well that was created with the goal to transcribe the Koran. The holy book of Islam was for centuries a model for architects, weavers, painters. The calligraphy, which follows strict rules of harmony and rhythm, was practiced not only on paper, but also in mosques, mausoleums, in fabrics and tapestries, embroidered and painted. There are communities in which this art was at its height of perfection, especially the Sufi community in Turkey, the Tekke (dervish convent), have made it a form of mystical expression.

The writer, the handwriting is usually shown seated cross-legged, holding his right hand and with the inkwell left the felt on which the paper, papyrus or parchment. The pen with which he writes is a dry reed called qalam.

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