Istanbul, Süleymaniye Mosque

One of the most fascinating and interesting destinations of Istanbul is Süleymaniye Mosque.

It is located on the Third Hill, overlooking the Golden Horn; it was built during Ottoman Empire, between 1550 and 1557. The mosque was commissioned by Sultan Süleyman, and became the fourth mosque of the city; it was projected by the architect Mimar Sinan, who asked to be buried here, probably aware of the fact that he would be remembered for this great work. In 1660, the mosque was seriously damaged by fire, while in 1766, the dome felt down because of an earthquake.

For these reasons, the mosque underwent several renovations, which preserved the original decorations by Sinan. Süleymaniye Mosque is the largest mosque of Istanbul, and is surrounded by many shops and restaurants a hospital, a library, schools, and hammam. The mosque has a beautiful and impressive architecture: the four minarets and the courtyard are of exceptional grandeur; the courtyard has a great acoustics: here, you can hear all the mosque noises!



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