Istanbul, Dolmabahçe Palace

One of the most majestic and elegant palaces of Istanbul is Dolmabahçe Palace, which was the residence of the Sultan Abdul Mejid I between 1843 and 1856.

The building stands out among the other palaces of the city not only for its singular architecture, but also because it was the first European-style building in Istanbul. Between XIX and XX century it was also the main administrative center of the city. The building contains Neoclassical and Baroque elements, and it also consists of three separate buildings: the state apartments, the ceremonial hall and the imperial harem.

The Palace well represents luxury and splendor of Sultan’s life, through many decorative elements such as the incredible tapestries, the gorgeous carpets and the fine furniture. During the last period of the Ottoman Empire, sultans were very fascinated by European way of life, and tried to imitate it in Istanbul. In fact, Palace of Dolmabahçe was built following the style of the French Palace of Versailles.



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