Istanbul, the coffee museum

A cup of coffee is remembered for 40 years” says a turkish byword and, in fact, in Turkey and the Arab countries, the coffee is prepared according to a slow laborious process that has nothing to do with the express who we are accustomed. In February 2012 in Istanbul was opened the museum’s cafe, located inside the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts. The visit to the coffee museum promises original not only because you will learn the story of turkish coffee, but also the techniques of preparation: the museum was indeed equipped kitchen where visitors can practice to make coffee as well as the true tradition commands, and will also receive a certificate. But how to make turkish coffee? What’s so different from ours? First the coffee is not prepared in the coffee maker, but you use a brass pot with a long shape, the ibrik. The coffee, which must be ground very finely, is poured into the jug full of water, sugar and spices (cardamom is often used). We bring to boil the mixture until it forms a foam which is then removed and poured into the cups. The boiling process is repeated two more times, after which coffee can be served and enjoyed!

From the laying of the coffee into the cups you can find many things of your destiny … supports caffeomanzia. To enjoy a great coffee and know your future in advance, you just need to book your Istanbul hotel and to organize your trip there!

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