Florence. Vertine, a real medieval village

Would you like to live for a while in the past, between the Middle Ages and Renaissance, like Massimo Troisi and Roberto Benigni in “We just have to cry?”. Well, then, not far from Florence is the place for you. The ancient village of Vertine. This village of 31 inhabitants (yes, you read that right!) Is an authentic medieval village remained virtually unchanged since its founding, except for rearrangements occurred always to the maximum in the fifteenth century. Here you will find yourself in one of the few places that is not mutated at all and is like a pocket escaped the dragnet of the story that, as we know, drag and delete everything. This feature that makes it unique is also due to the fact that in its history it was never invaded and conquered, so that, thanks to constant care to which he was subjected in modern times, the fortified village has maintained exactly the same characteristics of many centuries ago. Not a remake kitsch, then, but a real citadel. Do not wait any longer and live the magic time machine, walking the streets of this place that has no equal.

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