Florence: Galleria dell'Accademia

The Galleria dell’Accademia (Gallery of the Academy of Florence) was founded by Pietro Leopoldo di Lorena, Gran Duke of Tuscany, in an attempt to unite various institutions dedicated to art in Florence. Originally, it took the name of Accademia delle Belle Arti and included the Accademia delle Arti del Disegno that was founded in 1563 by Cosimo de’ Medici. Its objective was to study artwork and to imitate paintings in the pursue of one’s own style and perfection.

The Galleria dell’Accademia’s collection grew rapidly, becoming one of Florence’s most important. It’s currently hosted within the rooms of the former San Matteo hospital and the San Niccolò di Cafaggio convent in Via Rascoli.

In 1872 the history of this museum changed forever when Michelangelo’s David was moved within it: it took the nickname of michelangeloesque museum, and on later date copies of the artist’s most famous works were stored within.


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