Five things to know about Dubai before departing

There are at least 5 things to know about Dubai before departing. Let’s see them together!

The first thing to know about Dubai is that in this case consulting the travel guide is not enough. Only by assiduously searching the internet, scanning not only government websites, reading forums and travel diaries can you have an idea of how the city is likely to be, of what is new and what is worth seeing

The second thing to know about Dubai is that there are two underground lines, alternative to taxis and buses, which connect the airport with the two banks of the Creek that  runs through Bur Dubai and Deire, the two traditional districts of the city. Dubai isn’t only gold and gems, not just shopping and extreme exaggeration carried to excess, but is also an Arab community firmly anchored in tradition in every aspect of their life.

The third thing to know about Dubai is that you can decide to come here just to see the Burj al Arab, the Burj Khalifa, the Atlantis Hotel and the Palm Jumeirah, the Dubai Mall or the Mall of the Emirates, but you mustn’t forget that over the showcase of luxury and excess that Dubai has created for itself in the world, there is a traditional town that is worth discovering slowly.

The fourth thing to know about Dubai concerns the money, the change currency and prices. Differently from what one might think, Dubai is absolutely suitable for most tourists in the world!

The fifth thing to know about Dubai is that it is not affordable to do luxury shopping in the sales period (which is a month of celebration , between January and February , which goes by the name of Dubai Shopping Festival) , because prices are equivalent to ours: a Gucci bag, a Jimmy Choo sandal or a Cartier bracelet are extremely expensive also in Dubai!

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