Five restaurants where you’ll feel a movie character

Many places owe their fame to the movies. Squares , streets, small city corners, clubs, bars, restaurants which, were probably unknown, before. Here’s a list of bars and restaurants that have become film stars:


#1  Cafè des 2 moulins in Paris

The restaurant is located in Paris, Pigalle district, 15 rue Lepic, in the 18th arrondissement (near the metro station of Abbesses or Blanche). Before shooting “Amélie”, the café was closing, when the director Jeunet asked permission to use it as the film location. Today the place is covered with photos and symbols reminiscent of the film.



 #2 Nobu in London

Nobu is located on the 1st Floor of The Metropolitan Hotel, 19 Old Park, in London. It is a typical Japanese restaurant where the film “Notthing Hill”, with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, was shot



#3 La locanda del postino

The inn is located in Italy, in Via Marina Corricella, 43, on the island of Procida (Naples).  Here you can find a lot of symbols that remind  of the film “Il postino”, with the Italian actor Massimo Troisi.



#4 Katz’s Delicatessen in New York

It is the restaurant of  ““When Harry met Sallyand is located in New York, at 205 E. Houston Street. The main dish of this restaurant is the “pastrami”, a typical Romanian dish!



#5 Grand Hotel Excelsior in Venice

If you loved the film “Once upon a Time in America” with Robert De Niro, you’ll love also the restaurant where the film was shot: the Grand Hotel Excelsior in Venice.



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