The Englischer Garten of Munich

The Englischer Garten is the Munich’s English Garden: a magical experience you must try!

The Englischer Garten represents the huge green area of Munich and is a must to visit  for an unique experience spending some time just relaxing, it’s an attraction for an average of 3,5 million visitors yearly. Close to Marienplatz, not far away from the city centre, it’s located this amazing park, with an area of 3,2 square km, is one of the biggest urban public park in the world, its beauty and  majesty is comparable to Hyde Park in London or Central Park in New York.

The Englischer Garten, created in the late 1700 by Benjamin Thompson and became the first public Germanic Park at the early 1800, is so named due its landscape that combined natural and artificial  elements: the Park, crossed by Eisbach stream, is divided into two parts, the northen Hirsham, 3 km, and the southern part, 2 km. Walking throught the Englischer Garten allows us to immerse ourselves in an healthy tranquillity and it could be a great surprise when you travel in Munich.

There are many different activities you can try in the Park, it’s suitable not only for the family who want to enjoy a pic-nic rather than going by “pedalò” in the Seehaus lake, but also for sporty people it’s possible to find a cricket pitch, cycle paths and  you can also surfing! Part of the beginning are  near the stream is dedicated to nudists: the lawn of Schonfeld, since the sixties is famous due this practice  also in the areas outside the Bavarian capital.

There are three special attractions you don’t have to miss in the Englischer Garten : The Chinesicher Turm or the Chinese Tower, 25 meters high , close this tower it’s possible have a rest in the big beer house; The Monoptero the greek temple with a circular plan from which you can admire a beautiful landscape and The Japanische Teehaus.

If you don’t want to miss this jewel in the heart of Munich booked immediately your hotel on Best Bookings  and get ready to discover the majesty of the Englischer Garten.

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