Vienna, the capital city of an old and powerful empire, is an amazing city where you can breathe a unique atmosphere.

Vienna rises on the Danube river and is the largest city, as well as capital, of Austria. It enjoys a very glorious past, as it was the vital centre of the Austro-hungarian Empire for a very long time, and characterized by an active cultural life. Although rich in history, this city boasts numerous buildings and monuments in modern style and it is nowadays the centre of various international organizations.

Anyone happens to be in Vienna has a taste of the good food, and particular cakes need a mention here: the Sacher hotel-restaurant has become an attraction of this city as it is the place where the most popular chocolate cake of the world is produced. This city boasts countless point of interests, in a way that list them all is almost impossible; at the top of the list there are the Imperial Palace with the Treasure Chamber, the Kunsthistorische Museum (for art’s fans) and the museum dedicated to Sigmud Freud, famous analyst of the early 1990s.

In order to visit Vienna properly, get yourself at least 3-4 days and spend the night in the right hotel becomes fundamental: just use our search engine, which, thanks to the feedbacks left from previous customers, it offers you a guarantee and can help you out whether to book a hotel rather than an other.

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