Rome, by far the most famous tourist attractions in the world.

Rome needs no introduction: the most famous city of antiquity and is still an inexhaustible source of fascination that emanates from every corner: the ruins of the Empire, the museums, the Vatican City, the squares of unparalleled beauty, the atmosphere in the streets of downtown with the noise, the steady stream of people, sounds and smells. Rome is culture and entertainment: theaters (like the one in Piazza Argentina) and local (such as Big Mama) offer incessantly performances and music.

Rome offers places to sleep for every budget: bed and breakfasts, mid-range and more expensive hotels, and that’s why anyone can visit it and enjoy its magical atmosphere: If you are interested in a selection of hotels in Rome you can look through our web-page.

Rome is not just a lifetime to know it all, but its uniqueness allows those who has never visited it to preserve forever a thing of extraordinary beauty: the Spanish Steps, the Colosseum, the Fori ImperialiCampo dei FioriBernini’s colonnade in Piazza San Pietro, just to mention some of the most remarkable places, do not cease to enchant millions of visitors from every corner of the globe embarking on their journey to see a city unique in the world.

Rome is an international city, inhabited and frequented by students and workers from different countries who choose it as a place to stay, even temporarily. In the evenings in the lively popular quarter of Trastevere, you can listen to mixed languages between the clink of cutlery and glasses in the numerous restaurants, pubs and inns, and there you can make more of an acquaintance.

But Rome is not only the triumph of the great monuments and vestiges of the glorious past of Rome: it is also the intimacy of the less frequented corners, alleys and streets that branch off the main tracks. In these apparently anonymous places, if you look up you can discover for example a relic embedded in a wall, testifying to what existed before.

But as you leave the city walls you can also visit contemporary neighborhoods such as The EUR and Garbatella with its red and yellow houses and the magical atmosphere and a little ‘melancholy that surrounds what we can call “a town within the city”.

And finally, how not to take a day outside Rome, to visit Ostia Antica plunging into the past and reliving a piece of history that there seems to have stopped at 2000 years ago? Or the Villa Adriana in Tivoli, one of the best preserved architectural complex of the second century AD that, once again, gives us the opportunity to imagine for a moment to be in a past that now is only memories.

What can I say more? Rome awaits you!