Paris, the city of Lover, with the capital L!

Surrounded by castles and palaces, Paris rises in the center of the notorious Ile de France. France’s Capital city, it is one of the major tourist centers that counts several millions of tourists every year, who are amazed by the architectonical beauties and history that this city is characterized by.

Bathed from the Senna, which divides it into the two famous sides, the Rive Gauche (also known as the artistic side) and the Rive Droite (more associate with commerce and trade), prides itself on a strategic position and has been the native city of huge empires and many famous painters, poets and sculptors.
City of art, Paris is also known for its countless museums, like the museum of Orsay and the museum of Orange and least but not last is the Louvre, majestic museum located in the heart of the city!

Paris offers moreover numerous churches and monuments, in particular the Eiffel Tower, which rises and imposes itself on the city, the Arch of triumph and Notre Dame need a mention here. You feel like going for a walk? The Champs Elyssées are exactly what you are looking for!

All the monuments and various sightseeing sites can be easily reached just taking the subway. In fact every museum and monument is associated with a station of the subway, situated few steps away from the attraction itself.

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