Smells of far East mixed with West culture: welcome to Istanbul!

In the air, an eastern melody is streaming like the Bosphorus waters
(Nazim Hikmet)

First Byzantium, then Constantinople and finally Istanbul. This Turkish city overlooking the Bosporus has always been, because of its location a real door and strategic hub of commerce and military campaigns (think of the Crusades). In the Middle Ages was the capital of the Byzantine Empire under the name of Constantinople, until 1453, when the Turks conquered the city, the last bastion of an already ruined empire. The charm of Istanbul lies in its being a crossroads of peoples, of great stories and for being a hybrid between East and West. The “Second Rome”, so called, has always fascinated and still are many people who want to live a little of the magic that the Turkish city offers those who land on its shores. Although today the Byzantine and Ottoman architecture predominates, Istanbul still retains remnants of the passage of other nations: so we will find traces of Roman, Genoese and Greek buildings, although of the latter little is left. Istanbul is full of beautiful mosques, lavish palaces and parks. A city to visit that will leave in your heart a legacy of grace and nostalgia.

Have you ever been to Istanbul, the gat of the Eastern world? If not, prepare your bags and book your trip to this incredible city!

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