Barcelona, an incredible melting pot where you can find people from all around the world…and much more!

Around 1980’s, a famous singer sang “Barcelona…it was the first time that we met…Barcelona…and did not forget..”. I think this sentence about Freddie Mercury explains by itself how you do feel once entering this spanish city for the first time: a sort of mixture between present and past, as an old fashioned Barcelona hotel full of contemporary art inside. This is Barcelona: people, culture, art, hotels, pubs, bars, restuarants, churches, clubs…a living and unforgettable city. Have a walk over las Ramblas, go to the old Harbor, discover la Barceloneta, then go back to your hotel close to la Sagrada Familia to take your camera and impress in it all Gaudì‘s works, from that cathedral itself to Parco Guell and Casa Millà. Still here reading? It’s time to fly and book your trip to Barcelona. With Best Bookings dreams haven’t been so close ever!