Christmas markets Munich

Christmas Markets Munich: magical atmosphere of modernity and tradition!

Christmas Markets Munich: when the magical atmosphere of Christmas combines with the colors of the traditional markets. The festivity is beginning.

In December, when the Christmas markets are prepared in the various squares of Munich, it’s possible to breath a particular and suggestive atmosphere in this Bavarian city. Munich fills with lights, decorations and Christmas melodies that create a magical experience for cute memories.

In Marienplatz, the main square of the city, from the end of November until the middle of December, it’s possible to admire the most famous and traditional Bavarian Christmas Market Christkindlmarkt ( the market of Child Jesus), it’s an attraction for an average of 3 million visitors yearly.

The square is adorned with hundreds of stalls wood where you can enjoy the several Bavarian Christmas specialties, for example: lebkuchen (gingerbread cookies), caramelized apples, reiberdatschi (potato pankes with applesauce), dampfnudeln (leavened cakes steamed with vanilla sauce) or you can get warm drinking a delicious hot chocolate or the classic gluhwein (hot red wine).

The Christkindlmarkt has a tradition of over 400 years and to complete its splendor in Marienplatz on the Friday before the first Sunday of Advent, there is a huge Christmas Tree, 30 meters high with 2500 lights, absolutely brilliant!

During the Christmas season for the entertainment of everyone, in Karlsplatz square close the decorated wooden little houses, is located a skating rink that created a charmed atmosphere. For people who love handicrafts it’s suggest visiting the medieval market Mittelaltermarkt with the background of medieval and celtic music performances, one of the most interesting Christmas market in Munich.

The magic of the wonderful Germans nativities is in Rindermarkt next to Marienplatz, where you can find all the necessary for the traditional nativity and admiring the historical nativity in the Prunkhof of the City Hall. The charming atmosphere of Christmas is enjoyed also immersed in the amazing English Garden of Munich, the Englischer Garten, where there is the Weihnachtsmarkt near the Chinese Turm.

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