Burj Khalifa Dubai

Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the highest building of the world.

Call it impressive or preposterous, there’s no denying that Burj Khalifa is a ground-breaking feat of architecture and engineering. The world’s tallest building pierces the sky at 828m (seven times the height of Big Ben) and opened on 4 January 2010, only six years after excavations began. Up to 13,000 workers toiled day and night, at times putting up a new floor in as little as three days. Inside Dubai’s own ‘Tower of Babel’ is a mix of offices and apartments; at the time of writing, the sleek Armani Hotel was scheduled to open late in 2010. For visitors, the main attraction is the Observation Deck ‘At the Top’ on the 124th floor. From such lofty heights you can easily pinpoint The World, the three Palm developments and other landmarks. Getting there takes you past various multimedia exhibits to a double-deck lift that whisks you 10m per second for an entire minute to reach level 124 at a lofty 442m in the air. Reserved time-stamped tickets are available at the ticket office and online; ponying up Dh400 let’s you go straight through.


Are you impressed from high views? Well, if so, Burj Khalifa of Dubai won’t be a tailor made solution for your holiday!

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