Budapest: fascination and mystery between East and West

Budapest has been called “the most beautiful city on the Danube” (Claudio Magris). Hungary’s capital, this city really leaves you breathless for the majesty and grandeur of its appearance. In some respects it can remember Vienna, but here the influence of Habsburg is just one of the many factors that have contributed to its formation. Indeed Budapest, which officially took its name only in 1876, after the administrative union of the three cities of Obuda (Old Buda), Buda and Pest, is a perfect fusion of Western and Eastern influences that give it that unique and subtle charm that wins every visitor. Founded as a Roman colony under the name of Aquincum (first century BC), In the tenth century it was conquered by the Magyars (ancestors of today’s Hungary) and then destroyed by the Mongols, later conquered by the Turks (XVI century) and finally by the Habsburgs. Heir to a long tradition and a bridgehead between Europe and Asia, as Budapest is understandable, more than other cities, both rich and unpredictable not only for its appearance, but also in its very essence. Compared to Western capitals, Budapest reserves for visitors that dose of charm veiled by an impalpable melancholy: a “Dolce ansietà d’Oriente” ( “mellow Oriental anxiety”), in the words of the great Italian poet Eugenio Montale, which makes it more distant from us than not geographically and that makes it one of the most fascinating cities of all Europe.

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