Barcelona, Torre de telecomunicaciones de Montjuïc

Torre de Telecomunicaciones de Montjuïc (also known as Montjuïc Communications Tower) is an important monument of Barcelona.

It was projected by the famous architect Santiago Calatrava between 1989 and 1991. It was built in Montjuïc neighborhood of Barcelona, to celebrate the 1992 Olympics Games in Barcelona. Torre de Telecomunicaciones de Montjuïc was commissioned by the Spanish telecommunications company Telefónica; this is the reason why many citizens usually call the tower “Torre Telefonica.”

The Tower is about 136 meters high, and is made of steel; its shape reminds of an athlete holding the Olympic Flame. Calatrava projected the Torre de Telecomunicaciones with the aim to realize a symbol; he realized his ambition, in fact, the image of the Tower has become the trophy of the Grand Prix of Formula Uno. The base of the Tower is covered by Trencadís, which reminds of Gaudi’s works.



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