Bansky graffiti in London

He is the king of the street art in the world and in a city full of art such as London could not make his mark.  And in London you can admire many signs belonging to Bansky, especially in the northeast of the capital, on the walls of the buildings, from night to night for the housing market are worth more incredibly. Banksy works at night, when the city sleeps, away from the prying eyes of those who might recognize him. His identity is secret indeed. We only know he was born in Bristol and, with his guerrilla art, sends messages against corporations, institutions, war, consumerism and promote peace. It often happens that the artist can be dressed up and get into the museum where you do not know how, be able to hang one of his works among those already exposed, in true eighteenth century style but with some element of anachronism. Banksy‘s works are characterized by the use of the stencil that creates in his study, the effect faded, and the prevalence of three-dimensional black and white, with some hint of color.

His favorite subjects? Mice, or rather the rat (an anagram of art), the guards of Queen Elizabeth, who urinate on walls, cops sniffing the street, children playing, patches on the walls from which emerge new landscapes. If you book your London hotel and you put a look around the city, you’re pretty sure to discover some street works of this particular artist!

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