Asklepion Kos

The Asklepion of Kos is an historic and value monument  in the “ Green Pearl” of the Dodecanese.

 The Asklepion, dedicated to the God of Medicine Asclepio, symbolizes the most important archeological site in Kos where professed and was born Ippocrate, the father of Medicine.

The place is easy to access and lies 4 km of the capital Kos Town, not far away from the quaint mountain village of Zia.

The site is considered a “must” for the travelers during their holiday and it’s also suggested doesn’t miss the amazing beaches of the Island, such as: Kefalos, Cavo Paradiso and the Therme.

Absolutely all to enjoy and appreciate their own unique and crystal water of the Aegean Sea like the beautiful Milos beaches, another suggestive Greek Island!

Kos called “ The Aegean Garden”  due to the nature and the green area all around the island, doesn’t miss its natural beauty in the site where the Asklepion is located, surrounded by tall cypress trees that create a special atmosphere and peace.

Definitely also in the past a very important aspect was the combination between the natural environment and its role of therapy for the patients, they also could enjoy pure water springs as therapeutic action.

It’s possible to visit the Asklepion in about one hour and the site is laid out on three terrace with four different levels where we can find: the Doric Temple of Esculapio (IV c. BC), the Baths where Ippocrate worked, seven Corinthian columns from the roman era, a big Doric Temple and the rooms of patients.

Majestic staircases connect the floors and when you reach the peak the landscape is brilliant, it’s possible enjoying a superb view over the Aegean Sea to imprinted in our memory and why not even in our digital camera!

This evidence of the past in Kos, it’s absolutely a great choice and the best way is to book on Best Bookings your hotel and ready to go to the historical ruins of the Asklepion.

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