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Amsterdam, the city of bridges


Amsterdam is the city of bridges par excellence: there are 1281, and the oldest one dates back to 1648. The canals of the “Venice of the North” are crossed by a huge variety of bridges that surprised not only by quantity, but as well as the styles and characteristics of each. Some are bizarre, some majestic, but there are also romantic and intimate. The show is fascinating by day, but after sunset it becomes spectacular with the lights that illuminate the bridges and that are reflected in the canals. The most celebrated bridge in Amsterdam is the Skinny Bridge: this wooden bridge derives its name from the restricted size so that it was difficult for two people crossing or passing. To speed up the movement in 1871 a new larger bridge replaced the old one. The oldest bridge (1648), the Torensluis, means tower of the lock, and was part of the system of military defense. In 2001 the bridge was then built known as Python or Anaconda, a red bridge of nearly 328 feet that winds like a snake.

Another unique bridge is the Jan Schaeferbrug, whose peculiarity is to be removed to facilitate the passage of boats. The Nesciobrug, 780 meters long, is the longest suspension bridge that winds according to a design somewhere between an S and a question mark. But in Amsterdam each bridge is unique and worth a visit. Book your hotel in Amsterdam, on Best Bookings and enjoy the atmosphere of one of the most singular and beautiful cities of Europe.



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