6 Myths to be debunked about London

People are not friendly: The common opinion is that Londoners are unfriendly and don’t help you if you get stuck. Obviously this is not true, rude and friendly people exist in every city, you just need to learn to recognize them and keep away.

The underground service is bad: What? It is possible to reach any area easily and quickly, maybe sometimes for technical problems the signal is lost and you have to wait a few minutes, but I think this is a reasonable price to pay for a well stocked service. I recall that in London there are as many as 11 subway lines (excluding DLR and Overground ).

Food in London is bad: It depends on where you go to eat and what you order. There are of course, as in any city, the so-called “tourist traps” restaurants, very expensive and of low quality as well as the cheap fast foods , high hygiene and quality of food. However, English food is not all bad and meat is excellent.

London is a dangerous city: no more and no less than many other cities: just be careful to avoid problems.

The traffic is aberrant: Honestly I’d drive in London, where the roads are maintained with care, rather than rethink to the mornings spent in the car in Italy, stuck in traffic, where no one respects the signs. In London is as chaotic as all big cities , but it in an orderly way.

In London, it always rains: I kept this as my last point because it is a very important subject. It’s time to debunk this common place once and for all, it is a myth that does not exist. In the last three years in London it rained very little, maybe the temperatures may be low and the wind annoying, but nothing to do with the endless storms and disasters caused by rain in Italy in the last two years.


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